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3dRipper Lite
3dRipper Lite is a specialty 3d model downloader, it works by extracting 360° preview from WebGL into 3d downloadable and readable format such as OBJ, FBX & .blend, which can be loaded and used in modern software such as Blender, 3dsMax, Maya and Unity.
3dRipper Lite is the limited (demo) version of 3dRipper Pro.

3dRipper Pro
3dRipper Pro is the extended full version of 3dRipper Lite. It comes with all functions, full features and unlimited downloads.

3dRipper Lite 3dRipper Pro
Daily Downloads 10 models Unlimited
Export Formats OBJ FBX + OBJ + Blender
Normal/Specular Maps
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How to use ?

[ 1 ]   Find the 3d model you want to download. from any Supported sites.

[ 2 ]   Paste model's URL in the 3dRipper Tool, and click [Download] button.

[ 3 ]   Wait a few seconds until the model is being prepared with all textures.

In few seconds, any 3d premium model will be ready-to-use with Textures!

Note: Ripped Models are not allowed to be used in Commercial Projects.


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