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  Topless posing woman 3D Model
Topless posing woman 3d model
Topless posing woman
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Model's Description:

Topless posing woman 3d model contains 50,000 polygons and 24,986 vertices.

✉️ A young woman, a girl, without underwear, naked, with a tattoo, standing, posing at a photo session, flirting. 🦾 This model will be an excellent mid-range participant. It does not need to be very close and try to see the details, it reveals and demonstrates its texture as much as possible in case of a certain distance from the foreground. ⚙️ Photorealistic Construction Worker Character 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps. Suitable for the architectural visualization and another graphical projects. 50 000 polygons per model
Model's Textures: (3)

    N Texture #1 (jpeg)
    N Texture #2 (jpeg)
    RGB Texture #3 (jpeg)
Keywords:  people   photorealistic   beauty   tattoo   naked   nude   woman   fullbody   bikini   underwear   topless   shy   character   photogrammetry   scan   female   silicone-boots   flirting 
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