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  Stylized 3d porche 3d model 3D Model
Stylized 3d porche 3d model 3d model
Stylized 3d porche 3d model
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Model's Description:

Stylized 3d porche 3d model 3d model contains 58,056 polygons and 30,418 vertices.

We are a team of a highly skilled CG artists. Making models is not just a job for us, it’s also a great hobby :-) As you see, we work mostly with Furniture - that’s because we love Them! But we can also make other models on Characters, Jevelery, vehicles, architecture and more! Thank you for choosing this model! This is a realistic model The files are 3ds Max 2014, FBX. The 3ds Max 2014 version is also optimized for V-Ray. Here are some details for you: Version: 2014 Preview: Yes Units: millimeters Formats: Max 2014 version, file of export FBX, textures and more Textures: high texture resolution is used. Every model has been checked with the appropriate software. The size and the Format can be made according to your queries for free. For any questions please contact me! If you like this collection don’t forget to rate it please - Enjoy Hope you like it! the archive contains 3ds max fbx files if you have a question contact me - Stylized 3d porche 3d model - 3D model by loopix (@loopix) [4f1ec12]
Model's Textures: (4)

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    N Texture #3 (jpeg)
    N Texture #4 (jpeg)
Keywords:  toon   pack   porche   cartoon   asset   game   lowpoly   car   stylized 
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