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  Photorealistic Characters Volume 01 3D Model
Photorealistic Characters Volume 01 3d model
Photorealistic Characters Volume 01
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Model's Description:

Photorealistic Characters Volume 01 3d model contains 250,199 polygons and 125,098 vertices.

A handsome young man, dressed in dark jeans and a mustard turtleneck, opens wide a warm plaid shirt, a short orange beanie on his head, looks to the right. A young guy is concentrating on photographing something or someone on the phone. He is wearing blue skinny jeans, a jumper, a warm orange hooded jacket, high-top dark sneakers, and a bandana on his head. There is a young mulatto in outerwear and looks to the left with interest. She is dressed in tight blue jeans, platform sneakers, a white shirt, a black and white plaid vest, a black sheepskin coat on top, and a bandana tied around her hair. A young man, a nice guy, a good boy, an excellent student, in color camel trousers, a red hat, a warm vest with a small geometric winter alpine pattern, stands straight, arms crossed over his chest, looks to the side. A young woman, a pretty girl, in casual clothes, wide jeans, a short quilted jacket, a beret and black sneakers, stands, looks down, holds a string bag with fruits on her shoulder. - Photorealistic Characters Volume 01 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by kanistra (@kanistra) [53b5d56]
Model's Textures: (15)

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    N Texture #11 (jpeg)
    N Texture #12 (jpeg)
    N Texture #13 (jpeg)
    N Texture #14 (jpeg)
    RGB Texture #15 (jpeg)
Keywords:  people   standing   photorealistic   urban   shopping   autumn   tourist   crowd   photoshoot   student   street   worldwide   cityzen   takephoto 
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