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Male Scan 3d model
Male Scan
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Model's Description:

Male Scan 3d model contains 267,842 polygons and 133,949 vertices.

Textures: Diffuse (8192x8192) Normal (8192x8192) Available File Formats: Obj For additional details, please check Model information tab. About Human Engine: Using Artificial Intelligence and our 150 DSLR Photogrammetry rig, we create 3D and 4D assets for Games, VFX, Movies, Television, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. From 3D scanning to rigging, game-engine integration and AI, we have your character creation needs covered
Model's Textures: (2)

    N Texture #1 (jpeg)
    RGB Texture #2 (jpeg)
Keywords:  body   anatomy   life   boy   people   pose   3d-scan   sexy   muscle   realtime   ready   vr   bodyscan   ar   gamedev   reference   realistic   artistic   woman   anatomical   unrealengine   topless   photoscan   weapon   realitycapture   character   unity3d   photogrammetry   asset   game   3d   art   pbr   gameart   model   scan   man   gameasset   gamemodel   male   gameready   person 
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