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  Cute woman ready for animation 363 3D Model
Cute woman ready for animation 363 3d model
Cute woman ready for animation 363
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Model's Description:

Cute woman ready for animation 363 3d model contains 70,762 polygons and 35,383 vertices.

This is a true human size detailed model of a beautiful young woman of Caucasian appearance dressed in casual clothes. The model is captured in the A-pose with mesh ready for rigging and animation in all most usable 3d software. Technical specifications: digital double scan model low-poly model high-poly model (.ztl tool with 5-6 subdivisions) clean and retopologized automatically via ZRemesher fully quad topology sufficiently clean edge Loops based ready for subdivision 8K texture color map non-overlapping UV map ready for animation PBR textures 8K resolution: Normal, Displacement, Albedo maps Download package includes a Cinema 4D project file with Redshift shader, OBJ, FBX, STL files, which are applicable for 3ds Max, Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, etc. All the textures you will find in the “Tex” folder, included into the main archive. 3D EVERYTHING Stand with Ukraine! - Cute woman ready for animation 363 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by deep3dstudio
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Keywords:  style   archviz   scanning   people   sexy   visualization   fashion   photorealistic   beauty   pants   jeans   realistic   woman   beautiful   realism   pretty   femalecharacter   phtogrametry   womancharacter   beautiful-girl   apose   readyforanimation   woman3d   ready-to-use   realitycapture   photogrammetry   lowpoly   female   human   highpoly   ready-to-rig   scanpeople   realityscan   scanphotogrammetry 
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