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  Animated Hermit crab 3D Model
Animated Hermit crab 3d model
Animated Hermit crab
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Model's Description:

Animated Hermit crab 3d model contains 17,614 polygons and 9,036 vertices.

Animated Hermit crab! 1 walking cycle animation 1 Idle cycle animation 1 changing Shell Animation 4 transitions Made with Blender and subtance painter Here’s some render I made with this little guy! Shell made with metashape If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. - Animated Hermit crab - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by Zacxophone
Model's Textures: (2)

    RGB Texture #1 (jpg)
    RGB Texture #2 (jpg)
Keywords:  shell   crab   bernard   hermitcrab   hermit   decapod   crustaceans   walkingcycle   mollusc   metashape   blender   animal   animation   animated   lobsters   lhermite   pagure   paguroidea   crustaces   anomuran 
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